Personal Injury

We are doctors, who have an inside perspective of medicine – how it works, what is normal and abnormal.

MRR Health Tech Advantage

Our team physicians and medical experts provide case worth analysis and alert the attorneys in helping them choose their personal injury cases more intelligently. This way we help law firms to prioritize the case, hence saving time and money for our customers.

Voluminous Medical Records

Our medical team review the voluminous medical records and provide high quality medical summaries and demand letters. At MRR Health Tech, we offer a suite of services based on the requirement of a law firm and our services address the attorneys’ requirement at every stage of personal injury litigation process.

Personal injury cases we worked:

  • Back injuries, e.g. caused by lifting heavy or awkward objects.
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder, e.g. road accident, military situation (for example serving in Afghanistan).
  • Whiplash, e.g. car accident
  • Hand/wrist injuries, e.g. RSI, carpal tunnel syndrome etc
  • Ear injuries, e.g. noise induced deafness
  • Head injuries, e.g. road accident, physical assault, sport etc
  • Psychiatric injuries, e.g. stress, workplace bullying, accident etc
  • Leg injuries, e.g. sport, cycling accidents, slips, trips and falls.
  • Eye injuries, e.g. foreign body in eye, chemical splashes, sport, physical assault etc.
  • Arm injuries, e.g. workplace, sport, falls etc

Full Service Of Medical Records Review