Narrative Medical Summary

Our MD's are trained to prepare Narrative Summaries for a diverse list of specialties including, motor vehicle accidents, pedestrian accidents, worker’s compensation burns, dog bites assault, emotional and sexual harassment, disability, and falls. We customize our summary to best meet the needs of your case.

  1. Narrative summaries are prepared by our MD’s and are Bate stamped
  2. Gives you all the information in an easy to follow narrative story telling format that will help get a quick idea of event flow
  3. These summaries are perfect for deposition as well as demand preparation
  4. Medical opinions are strongly supported by evidence from high impact factor journals and publication from standard scientific sources
  5. Additional reports for medications and other investigations can be added
  6. The Summary is delivered based on client request either in a WORD or PDF format
  7. PDF Summaries can be obtained with additional services –
  8. Hyperlinks – Allows you to quickly navigate to a reference page
  9. Bookmarks – Allows the document to be organized as per user defined categories


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