Expert Medical Opinion

Medical Opinions involve reviewing the medical documents including the medical summary of a patient and figuring out if there is negligence/malpractice involved in the standard of care given to that patient. In order to simplify medical jargon, we also present this data in a way that a non-medical person could understand, along with references from standard medical books or literature.

Our physicians give an Medical opinion on the medical case with valid reasoning and inferences in a question and answer format.

  • Involves a thorough evaluation of all the patient’s medical records to assess whether or not there has been a deviation in the standard of care for the patient
  • Medical opinions are useful for a preliminary case evaluation
  • Medical opinions are prepared by case speciality relevant MD’s
  • Opinions are given in a simple Q&A format for easy interpretation
  • Medical opinions are strongly supported by evidence from high impact factor journals and publication from standard scientific sources
  • Just $50/hour

Causation Analysis (Personal Injury claims)

Physician at MRR Health Tech’s analyze the personal injury cases and report the causation. Our report clearly defines if the victim was “egg shell” plaintiff when the accident/incident occurred.  All the relevant pre-existing illness is analyzed and the attorney is given an alert at an early stage.  At MRR Health Tech doctors from the various specialities such orthopedics, physiatry, neurology and neurosurgery evaluate the medical records and provide expert opinion that would be valuable for a successful claim.

Expert Medical Opinion (Medical Malpractice)

Medical malpractice cases almost always require a medical expert or a team of medical experts to prove liability. It is often difficult to get an unbiased medical opinion within the practice region due to peer pressure among the practicing medical experts in that region. At MRR Health Tech, we retain Indian doctors from the various specialities, who do not have personal relation or professional affiliation with the defendants. Our doctors perform dispassionate review of the medical records and provide unbiased expert opinion that would be difficult to refute. Our doctors’ opinion is based on the prevailing standard treatment protocol that is followed in the United States health care system. Medical opinion carries the critical appraisal of the treatment followed in the subject in question versus the right /approved medical protocol.

Quick Merit Screening Report (Medical Malpractice)

Validating the medical negligence allegation at the early stage of litigation will save a lot of time for the attorney. Suits will have more quality and the chance of winning a medical malpractice case is high, when screened by a physician or the specialist medical expert.   With MRR Health Tech medical specialists merit screening report, attorney will be at an advantageous position to understand the depth of the case and help you strategize your case more efficiently.

Second opinion / medical consensus report (Medical Malpractice)

Often attorneys are at cross roads when the testifying expert or defendant denies medical negligence allegation. Such unexpected disagreement/denial which is contrary to common understanding can cause damage to the attorney’s credentials in the eyes of plaintiffs.   Specialists at MRR Health Tech are experienced in managing such complex cases that carry two schools of thought.  Our experts provide second opinion using the probability theory.   In the second opinion, more than one doctor will be asked to review the medical records and our experts will provide degree of certainty in absolute number, based on the available medical literature, prevailing medical standards or protocol.  Attorneys can avail this Medical consensus service for a medical malpractice allegation that is expected to have an uncertain outcome or prolongation of litigation duration.


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