Deposition Summary

This report identifies important medical points in the deposition by page and line. “Page-Line” summaries are typically formatted to include columns for

  1. Page-line
  2. exhibit
  3. Summary of the testimony

We understand that the deposition testimony is a key event in a civil lawsuit and the litigant’s deposition is his opponent’s only opportunity before trial to hear the party’s version of what happened, spoken in his own words.

Summarizing hours of deposition testimony into a concise summary is a valuable skill that can save hours of lawyers’ time and thousands of dollars in legal fees.

We do precisely that, and additionally, we also direct you to the case focus areas. We accurately record dates, figures, names, and exhibits; give a record of key events and actions.

Two basic summary formats are available to meet your specific needs;



We deliver useful summaries to serve the following functions:

Analysis of key issues


Review by expert witness

Identification of Exhibits

Page-Line Deposition Summary

The transcript is summarized in order, separated into topics with relevant page-line references. Useful for easy deposition navigation and gaining a comprehensive understanding of the entire testimony and facts.

Topic - Deposition Summary

Organize the testimony into specific relevant topics of your choice for a quick overview ie by medical, military and work history.


Cases analyzed


Pages reviewed


Law Firms used


Years experience


Doctors in India


US States Worked