Settlement Demand Letter

Our MD's are drafting settlement demand letter along with Billing Summary & Exhibits.

  1. Settlement Demand Letter
  2. Under-insured Settlement Demand
  3.  Stowers Settlement Demand

A personal injury demand letter summarizes the history of your personal injury claim for the insurance adjuster. It begins at the point of impact and ends with your last day of treatment. It guides the adjuster through all you’ve lost as a result of the insured’s negligence. A well-written demand letter can effectively limit the adjuster’s options for objecting to the amount of your settlement demand.

  • Demand settlement letters clearly highlight all the accident events with an aim to garner greater compensation
  • Gives a perfect summary of facts describing the incidence
  • In-depth description of all the injuries sustained, procedures and associated bills and expenses
  • Statement of loss of income and other associated expenses
  • Clear description on the impaired quality of life were appropriate
  • Clear settlement on injury settlement demand amount

The purposes of a demand letter are to establish:

  • Why the other party is legally responsible for your injury or suffering
  • What your injuries were and how much you lost by treating them
  • Any other damages incurred as a result of the accident

Having a good demand letter that clearly states a factual summary, your claim for damages, a claim for pain and suffering, and your demand for settlement can make all the difference in getting your claim positively settled out of court without having to endure a long and exhausting court battle. Our demand letters take into account all the evidence that is on record pertaining to your case. In doing so, our demand letters are complete and concise to ensure that you get a prompt and fair settlement as quickly as possible.

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