Physicians at MRR Health Tech work relentlessly to provide high quality timeline summary or medical chronology.

Empower law firms to diversify and manage risk involved in personal injury, medical malpractice and mass tort claims.

MRR Health Tech empower law firms to diversify and manage risk involved in personal injury and medical malpractice claims.At MRR Health Tech we understand, it is least productive for the paralegal or attorney to translate the mountain of medical information. Therefore, our experts analyze the medical facts thoroughly and identify the strength and weakness of the claim at the first opportunity. In many instances, our experts pointed out the potential flaw(s) in the claim and helped the attorney to prepare mitigation strategies.Certainly, claims involving multiple defendants are complex in terms of the facts, and the medical evidence. In many such cases involving complex injuries, or plaintiffs with pre-existing disease; precise litigation path is difficult to strategize. They are personal injury claims that no doubt troubled our clients to a greater or lesser degree at times. Hence, we recognize that it is absolutely essential for us to provide accurate medical information surrounding a claim into a concise and objective story.

Yes, you got it right. MRR Health Tech perform medical record review on your behalf, and offloads your desk job. We want you to utilize your time and resource effectively to provide personal attention to your clients. As always, we bring added efficiency and value to your medical review process. We want you to win every single case that you take up and improve the profitability of your law firm.


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