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Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice & Mass Tort!

We provide years of expertise and services to support the legal industry. We have highly trained medical experts who can summarize and evaluate medical records as well as provide cost-effective medical record analysis. Our services are endless.

$25 per hour

One week turnaround time

150 MD's in India

Confidentiality and data security

HIPAA Compliance & Our Work products are available from a secure cloud-based platform.

Cost effective solutions

Our MD’s can provide cost-effective medical record summaries and analysis.

Quality Management System

Our Quality Review Specialists provide a final check of our work products before we deliver

Quick Turnaround Time

Our turnaround time is one week to deliver our work product for your specific request.

Free Hyperlinks

Allow the reader to quickly locate and link to the points of interest within the medical record.

Custom Special Reports

Pain & Suffering, Graphical Timeline, Treatment, Pain & Medication & Comparative chart

Innovative medico-legal products and services by MD's